Viviane Teitelbaum, Feminism, and the Paleolithicum

There is hardly anything more unintentionally funny than people who believe they are educated, but aren’t, or people who believe they are at the cutting edge of progress, when in fact they are the most boorish and backward of all.

Mrs. Viviane Teitelbaum of the radical-feminist European Women’s Lobby (EWL, one of the fake “NGOs” that the Commission is funding in order to have a “civil society” it can dialogue with) surely believes that she and her organization are the voice of “progress” and “enlightenment”, when, in a recent interview on RTBF (the francophone Belgian state television chain) she qualifies as “medieval” the regret expressed by the Catholic Archbishop of Brussels, Mgr. André-Joseph Léonard, over the fact that Belgian legislation fails to afford sufficient protection to unborn children.

Well, it is certainly true that the Middle Ages (which, as it appears from Mrs. Teitelbaum’s bizarre statement, must have included Belgium up until 1990) afforded better legal protections to the weak and vulnerable than many European countries do today. However, the “progress” (or rather, what Mrs. Teitelbaum in her profound ignorance qualifies as such) was not linear. It is not that abortion, infanticide and euthanasia were prohibited as from the origins of human civilization, only to be “liberalized” as a result of “modernization” and “enlightenment”. Rather, the contrary is true.

If Mrs. Teitelbaum were more familiar with the history of civilization than she apparently is, she would be aware that not only abortion, but also infanticide and euthanasia were frequent practices already in the Stone Age. Indeed, these practices are also today encountered in the last existing “Palaeolithic” cultures, i.e. in indigenous tribes that only in our days are making their first contact with civilization. The reason for this is that un-civilized societies, which often have the nomadic lifestyle of hunter-gatherers, are structurally unable to give care and shelter to a too large number of children, or indeed to anyone who cannot himself contribute to the sustenance of the tribe.

Only as a result of technical progress (such as the invention of agriculture, which allowed societies to produce greater amounts of food and adopt a sedentary lifestyle) did it become possible for society to afford better care to its weaker members, such as the sick, the elderly, the handicapped, and … unborn children.

It was therefore only at a relatively late stage, and can indeed be viewed as one of the major cultural achievements of Christianity, that society became more “humane” and that, one by one, in-human practices such as slavery, infanticide, abortion, or the degrading treatment of disabled persons were gradually overcome. It is the awareness of every human person’s dignity that is the true marker of a civilized and humane society.

Seen from that perspective, it is self-evident that the prohibition of abortion is not a “natural state of things”, but an important civilizational achievement that is worthy of being maintained. And the same goes can be said with regard to the prohibition of slavery, of bigamy, of sodomy, of infanticide etc.

In other words, Mrs. Teitelbaum and her EWL are on the wrong side of history. What they stand for is not progress, but the destruction of civilization. If they are allowed to have their way, they will lead us back not to the Middle Ages (which were certainly more enlightened than modern Feminists are), but back to Stone Age.