Intergroup on family-friendly policies re-constituted at the EP

Last week the Intergroup on Active ageing, intergenerational solidarity and Family friendly policies was officially registered at the European Parliament. This intergroup is split into two Sub-Groups, one dealing with Active ageing, coordinated by MEP Lambert van Nistelrooij (EPP – Netherlands), and another one, coordinated by MEP Anna Záborská, (EPP – Slovakia), dealing with Family friendly policies. The topic intergenerational solidarity  will be addressed by both sub-groups as it is transversal.

With this Intergroup, the Parliament has re-established an official structure devoted to Family friendly policies for the new legislative term 2014-2019.

Indeed, the Group currently is the only structure within the EU institutions that is focused on the needs of families. While the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), gender issues, environmental issues, etc. all are “mainstreamed” into EU policies, there would be a much more pressing need for “family mainstreaming”, i.e. for defining the interests of families as a pivotal and transversal policy objective for the EU, which must be taken into account each and every time a new policy measure is proposed. For this to happen, it is of primordial importance that the intergroup base its actions on a clear and undiluted understanding of the notion “family”.