Madness holds sway at PACE: new draft resolution promotes absurd “gender ideology”

gender dummiesThe Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), will discuss a draft resolution on “Discrimination against transgender people in Europe” next Wednesday.

If the purpose were to fight against genuine discriminations, the proposal would be unproblematic. But “discrimination” once again is a smoke-screen to conceal the true purpose of the text, which is to promote extravagant and completely unfounded provisions of general significance, in particular a “right of all persons to choose their legal gender”. Put in other words, the text would completely dissolve the natural (biological) concept of sex, and define everybody, regardless of whether male or female, as a “transgender person” with a possible need to change his or her sex.

Just a few weeks ago, the tiny island of Malta became the first country in the world to adopt such an absurd law, which defies the laws of nature. Quite significantly, it is a Socialist MP from Malta who has drafted the text now under discussion at PACE. Malta is a country with a population of 420.000 – how many of them suffer from gender identification disorder? Probably less than 100.

The draft resolution, which was adopted unanimously (!) in the PACE’s Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination, effectively calls the States to “develop quick, transparent and accessible procedures based on self-determination for changing the name and registered sex of a transgender person on birth certificates, identity cards, passports, educational certificates and other similar documents; make these procedures available for all persons who seek it, irrespective of age, medical status, financial abilities or current or previous detentions”. (§6.2.1)

In other words, the draft urges the creation of a right for every person to choose the gender distinction indicated on all their legal documents at any time and as often as it wants. This so-called “right” is the core of the ideology of “gender” and goes far beyond the question of the rights of transsexual persons, let alone “discrimination”. Indeed, it departs from the specific situation of transsexual persons in order to create a general right for all people to change their “gender”. Thus, defining transsexualism no longer as a medical condition, but as an individual freedom, the text recommends “to abolish” the medical requirements to change ones name and legal gender, in favour of a procedure founded on “self-determination”.

In another provision, the text urges States that all persons be allowed to re-define their legal gender while remaining married with a spouse of the same legal gender, which implies the acceptance of same-gender “marriage”. (The entire concept of gender theory is so irredeemably confused that it is not quite clear whether that would be the same as same-sex “marriage”. But in any case, the dissolution of “sex” inevitably entails the dissolution of “marriage”.

Finally, the text also calls the States to “consider including a third gender option in identity documents for those who seek it” (§6.2.4). We are only wondering whether three options will be sufficient… maybe the number should be increased?

Ordinary citizens normally don’t pay a lot of attention to what is going on at PACE. Nonetheless, it would be worthwhile to have a keen eye on who are the persons who are actually promoting this nonsense, and blacklist them. These people are actually also Members of the parliaments of their home countries…