Why EU Institutions should not fly the Homo-flag

The European Parliament’s Vice-President Ulrike Lunacek and her friends from the “LGBTI Intergroup” have written to EP President Martin Schulz, calling on him to “fly the rainbow flag” on EP buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg on 17/18 May, the so-called “International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia” (IDAHO).

The proposal is contrary to EP protocol, which currently provides that the EU flag, alongside those of the 28 Member States, flies outside all of Parliament’s official buildings in Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Brussels. The only time any additional flag is flown is that of the country of a visiting head of state, most recently the Jordanian flag, on the occasion of an official address to plenary by King Abdullah. 

Typically for his style of management, Schulz has added Mrs. Lunacek’s bizarre proposal to the EP Bureau’s agenda at the last minute, to be decided tonight without any debate.

If he manages to railroad such a decision through, it would set an unparalleled precedent which begs a lot of questions. Besides the fact that “IDAHO” has absolutely no legal standing and is not a recognised ‘international day’ adopted by the United Nations, which flag would the EP, for example, then fly on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Holocaust Memorial Day, World Cancer Day, International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation, International Day of Happiness, World Poetry Day, World Down Syndrome Day, World Autism Awareness Day, World Press Freedom Day, International Day of the Girl Child…and so on. Each of these issues are worthier causes for public support than sodomy and the other perversions that Mrs. Lunacek and her group are promoting.

Not to mention that one of the dates requested, 17 May, is in fact a real UN-backed international day, in this case World Telecommunications and Information Society Day.

Doubtless, the LGBTI in-house (but outside-funded) lobby promoting this initiative would derive great pleasure from EU buildings officially flying a symbol of “gay rights” a mere four days before the Irish people are asked to vote on a referendum which would allow same-sex “marriage” in Ireland.

One further intriguing reference in this lobbying letter is to EU Delegations around the world, that are “encouraged to fly the rainbow flag on their premises”. What is not clear is whether this “encouragement” is coming from the same powerful LGBTI lobby, as one might expect, or from High Representative Mogherini.


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