European Parliament to discuss Islamist terror against Christians – but some MEPs prefer to remain “neutral”

The European Parliament will tomorrow hear a statement by the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, “on the Persecution of the Christians around the world, in relation to the killing of students in Kenya by terror group Al-Shabaab“.

On that occasion, the Parliament will discuss not less than six different motions for a resolution (B8-0369/2015, B8-0382/2015, B8-0383/2015, B8-0385/2015, B8-0386/2015, B8-0387/2015, B8-0388/2015), each of them dealing with the mass-murder recently committed by an Islamist terror group called Al-Shabaab against Christian students on a university campus.

Quite interestingly, several of the Parliamentary groups do all they can to avoid any identification of the victims of the attack as “Christians”, or of the perpetrators as “Islamists”; instead they use, in their draft resolutions, seemingly more “neutral” words: the victims were “students” and he perpetrators were “terrorists”. For example, upon reading the draft submitted in the name of the ALDE group, one might as well think that it was the other way round, i.e. that “Christianist” terrorists have killed Muslim Students.

In other words, those “Liberals” might, when there is some pressure to do so, condemn acts of terrorism, but they will never explicitly condemn the murdering of Christians. The same goes, of course, for the Greens with their notoriously selective concet of “human rights”…

The very same MEPs who are so squeamish about the risk of “stereotyping” when it comes to discussing a terrorist attack in which 150 Christians have been brutally killed for no other reason than their religion, are much less circumspect when making sweeping allegations, often based on no verifiable facts, about the discrimination of women, homosexuals, etc.