Silent protest against conference of child traffickers officially sponsored by Brussels City government

DSC_0489When a government starts supporting the “gay rights” agenda, it necessarily will sooner or later start supporting commercial child trafficking, too. After all, commercial surrogacy is the preferred way for “gay” couples to get “their own” children, which is one of their newly discovered “rights”.

It is no wonder then that the Brussels city government, which lavishly funds a full month of exhibitions of sexual indecency, has offered its official seat to host a commercial fair of child traffickers, who sell children at the price of up to 100.000 Euro apiece to homo- and heterosexual couples as well as to single persons who want to be “parents”.

On Sunday morning, several hundred citizens have silently expressed their protest both against the undisguised commercialization of young babies by a new industry disguised as “medicine”, and against the fact that the government of the EU’s capital apparently thinks that this new kind of slave trade should be promoted. DSC_0598

The Brussels Government’s ill-advised decision is in the meantime also stirring up severe criticism inside Belgium, a country otherwise rather oblivious of basic principles of decency.

Some coverage from Belgian media: