Austria: Federal Minister for Education wants to make child abuse compulsory

In normal social environments forcing a conversation on sexual issues is considered “sexual harassment”. If children are forced to watch sexual acts, or to commit them among themselves, it is called “child abuse”, and is a punishable crime.

Where socialist politicians are in power, what is otherwise a crime not only becomes socially acceptable, but is made a compulsory part of school education.

The Minister for Education in Austria’s current government, Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek, has released a new draft for a governmental order on sexual education, which would replace the current curricula.

The draft is built upon a controversial document emanating from the WHO bureaucracy, the so-called “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe“, published in 2010 by the WHO Regional Office for Europe jointly with the (German) Federal Centre for Health Education (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung, BzgA). Rather than representing a consensus at European level, that document is a radical program for the early sexualisation of children, beginning at age zero.
Proposing that children aged 0-4 should learn about “early childhood masturbation”, this is the very same document that the infamous Estrela Report, which was rejected by the European Parliament in 2013, sought to promote as a binding standard. This concerted effort to provide the absurd appearance of “consensus” and “legitimacy” to what would in fact be the institutionalized sexual abuse of children is therefore not just the caprice of a childless woman who, for whatever reasons, happens to be the Minister for Education in one small EU Member State, but it is a core agenda of Socialist politicians all over Europe. The reason is that, in order to establish their totalitarian concept of society, those politicians want to destroy marriage and the family. “Educating” children in a way that destroys their ability to form enduring family relationships is an important step towards that ultimate goal.

There is now growing awareness and resistance among Austrian parents with regard to the Minister’s dangerous and abusive plans. More information is found (in German) here.

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