Ireland’s PM Enda Kenny is for same-sex “marriage”, but doesn’t explain why…

endahair1-390x516This is what must be called a democratic failure: Ireland’s Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Enda Kenny, who has been playing a leading role in setting a constitutional referendum on the recognition of counter-natural (i.e., same-sex) “marriages” on the country’s political agenda, is now refusing a public debate with the NO Campaign.

Only a few weeks ago he said that he “would be happy” to debate the proposal – but now he has changed his mind. Has he discovered that the YES side has slogans, but no arguments? Has he discovered that in such a debate he would have to explain his point of view on what marriage is, and what purpose it serves? Has he discovered that if the purpose of marriage is to create a stable environment for the upbringing of children it appears perfectly natural that same-sex couples cannot marry? Has someone told him that Sodomy is infertile, spreads disease, and makes no contribution to the common good, so that there is no reason to celebrate it in public?

The refusal to discuss one’s proposal is a clear sign of intellectual weakness. Instead of a fair debate, the YES side prefers to campaign with dirty tricks, such as handing out rewards to people who steal or destroy NO posters

Democracy means not only that the people decides, but that it can make an informed decision. This means that the issues to be decided should be the object of a frank and open debate. A politician, indeed the leading politician of his country, who refuses to defend the proposals he is making in a public debate, should probably not have made them in the first place.

On 22 May, the Irish people will have an opportunity to say NO not only to the perversion of same-sex “marriages”, but also to Mr. Kenny’s peculiar understanding of democracy.