Madrid: pro-abortion candidate tries to silence her opponents

218840.th_maxThe surreptitious drift of Parties that once had a conservative or Christian profile towards cultural Marxism can only be halted by informing voters that what they are getting is not what they are expecting. The inhabitants of Madrid will soon be called to elect their new regional government – and the lead candidate of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s supposedly conservative Partido Popular, Cristina Cifuentes, is not, as one might expect, a defender of the right to life. Instead she is pro-abortion.

This is why the NGO Hazteoir has launched a campaign with 60 big billboards to inform the electorate that „whoever votes for (Cristina) Cifuentes votes for abortion“. A bus with the same slogan is cruising the streets oft he Spanish capital.

Mrs. Cifuentes is not amused. As a former member of the regional junta responsible for interior affairs, she still has good connections both to the Electoral Commission and to the regional Police, which has threatened Hazteoir’s leader Ignacio Arsuaga, once a leading opponent of the radical=left Zapatero administration, but nowadays equally critical of Rajoy’s Partido Popular, not only with pecuniary fines, but with arrest and imprisonment.

But Arsuaga has no intention to stop his campaign. “We are only an NGO, not a political party”, he says. “And we are not telling people how they should vote, e are just informing them. Mrs. Cifuentes may lose some votes because of our campaign, but – who knows – she might also win some votes from pro-abortion voters…“