France wants to use “development aid” policy to promote abortion world-wide

According to a report on EurActiv France, the French government is working hard to establish a common EU position before the next Foreign Affairs Council meeting on 26 May. Pressure is being put on governments like Malta, Hungary, and Poland, who do not think that the killing of babies is conducive to better maternal health or to social and economic development.

For Nordic and socialist-led governments, by contrast, “maternal health” and “sexual rights” appear to be convenient pretexts for a hidden policy agenda to reduce population growth in developing countries and thus curb the risk of mass immigration into the EU.

EurActiv reports that for several weeks now, France been working on a letter, which it plans to present ahead of the Council on 26 May, calling for the abortion debate to be opened. Already signed by Belgium and Sweden, the letter’s authors hope to collect many more signatures. “That will help us to make Malta face up to its responsibilities,” a French source said.

Malta is the Member State that is most strongly exposed to the current mass immigration crisis caused by illegal migrants from Africa…