Baby-killers want to help European Commission in lawsuit against “ONE OF US”

marie stopesMarie Stopes International (MSI), one of the world’s biggest abortion providers, has filed an application with the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) to be accepted as a third party intervenant in support of the European Commission in the lawsuit following the Commission’s inadequate response to the successful citizen initiative “ONE OF US”.

In its application, MSI openly acknowledges to be providing abortions in developing countries, and to receive lavish funding from the European Commission in view of this. A blanket ban for the EU to fund abortions, the organization says, would substantially undermine its economic interests.

One of the pretexts for MSI to seek admission as a third party intervenant is the concern that the Court might find that some of the activities carried out by the organization (and funded by the Commission) are illegal. This concerns in particular to so-called “menstrual regulations” (for more information read this report), i.e. procedures in which the female uterus is emptied by use of a manual vacuum aspirator. MSI believes that this is not an abortion (and hence not illegal) if it is performed intentionally before the official administration of a pregnancy test (which implies that neither the woman nor the person performing the procedure “know” that they are terminating a pregnancy. There is no doubt that MSI performs such “menstrual regulations”, and the Commission is funding them.