Ireland: hateful “gay rights” activists attack pro-family event, injuring 10yo girl

no-campaigners-attacked-by-yes-supportersThe hate and violence of “gay rights” campaigners against those who publicly oppose the re-definition of marriage reaches unprecedented levels.  One incident is reported on

10 year old Muireann DeClár was tonight hospitalised following an attack on an event hosted by NO campaigners in county Meath.

Muireann, who is severely allergic to eggs, was sitting on the side of an advertising truck bearing a NO campaign ad when the event was attacked by youths throwing missiles, including eggs. Muireann suffered a severe allergic reaction, and her life was only saved by the swift reactions of her mother, Aoife, who administered adrenalin at the scene. Muireann has since been hospitalised, where her condition is believed to be stable.

The incident took place outside Navan shopping centre at approximately 4.30pm, where NO campaigners lead by Paddy Manning were canvassing passers-by.

Responding to the incident, Mr. Manning said:

“In all my years of political activism, I have never witnessed such an act of mindlessness, or a scene so distressing. While the attackers had no way of knowing that Muireann had an allergy, they had every way of knowing that she was a child of about ten years old.

The toxic atmosphere created by the YES campaign is squarely to blame for this incident, of that, there can be no doubt. The event in question was a meet and greet, where no campaigners were trying to engage voters in friendly discussion and polite debate about the decision facing the country in a week. That the response to that engagement from some who disagree with us was to put a child in hospital is absolutely beyond the pale.

I call, immediately and in the strongest terms, for an absolute condemnation and distancing of themselves from this incident by the leaders of the Yes campaign, including those at the top of the political parties.

I would like to extend my sympathies, and the sympathies of everybody in the NO campaign to Muireann and her family. They have become the unfortunate victims of a campaign that has lost any and all sense of perspective”.