Ireland: can the NO-David overcome the YES-Goliath?

b062eb1f83e101ca8a2dfFollowing a completely one-sided and at times ugly campaign, in which bullying, intimidation and name-calling made up for a glaring want of reasonable arguments, Ireland’s political class and mass media are keenly awaiting the outcome of today’s referendum to re-define marriage.

The polls see the Yes side far ahead, but it is difficult to foretell their exactitude. People are unlikely to speak their mind when those who refuse supporting the perverse idea of sodomitic “marriages” can be brought to court, or deprived of their livelihoods.

No wonder that those openly speaking up against the destruction of marriage and family are not too numerous: they are taking a great personal risk. It can only be hoped that in the privacy of the polling station enough Irishmen find the courage to vote as their conscience tells them.