Anti-semitic Homo-activist angered over MEP’s critical letter on Irish referendum

David Cronin is an Irish journalist and (radical left) political activist, living in Belgium. To judge from a rather bizarre post he put on his blog, it appears that he currently has two major concerns: primo, the legal recognition of same-sex “marriages”, without which his sodomitic friends would not consider themselves “being treated as equal citizens”, and secundo, the influence that the “Israel lobby” might exert on EU and US politics. So, when he tries to find fault with the open letter in which 6 MEPs have expressed their concern over the rather not-so-democratic manner in which the Irish people were cajoled to vote Yes on homo-marriage, his main point of criticism is that one of the signatories, Arne Gericke, is “one of Israel’s most steadfast allies in the European Parliament”.

How frightening!

This combination of “gay rights” ideology and rabid anti-semitism provides us with something to laugh at even in this dark hour of human civilization.