MEP Andrzej Duda wins presidential election in Poland

Polish-president-candidate-Andrzej-DudaAccording to exit polls released just a few minutes ago, MEP Andrzej Duda has won the presidential election in Poland against sitting President Bronisław Komorowski with 53% against 47% of the votes. This is good news for pro-lifers because Mr. Duda  both as an MEP and as a presidential candidate has a proven record of consistently defending the right to life as well as the natural meaning of marriage. During the electoral campaign he criticized Poland’s ratification of the controversial CoE Istanbul Convention, which reputedly is a Trojan horse to infiltrate gender ideology into the domestic laws of Member States. He also voiced opposition against the legalization of procreation in vitro.

AGENDA EUROPE expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the new President of Poland for his clear stance on important ethical issues.