„Mum, stop crying“ – a beautiful pro-life project in Moldova

dviataThe Christian pro-life organization Moldova Creștină has organized a beautiful pro-life project called Dreptul la Viață al Copilului Nenăscut (Right to Life of the Unborn Child) reaching out to pupils in public schools  to tell them about the sanctity of human life and, at the same time, about the possibility of repentance and  foregiveness for those who have had an abortion.

14 014 young people from 148 villages have so far participated in the program. 11 217 of them have made the decision not to commit abortion nor participate in it. They signed a symbolic agreement, which will be kept at the memorial of aborted children (created by sculptor Martin Hudacek, Slovakia) that will be inaugurated on June 1 (see image).

Currently 60,000 children are killed by abortion every year in Moldova; this is twice the number children that are allowed live. Abortion is thus by far the biggest death cause in Moldova, seriously endangering the nation’s future.

This notwithstanding (and supposedly under pressure from Western governments?) the Ministry of Health has banned the placement of the sculpture on the territory of public institutions. 

 The Ministry intervened when the pro-lifers had already obtained the permission of the Mayor of Chișinău and of a hospital director, who had given their permission to place it in front of the maternity division oft he urban hospital.

Whoever wishes to support the project, e.g. via a donation, can do so by contacting Moldova Creștină through their website.