Religion-haters and baby-killers update their hate list

The European Humanist Federation (EHF), an organization of militant religion-haters who want to build a “Secular Europe for All” (including those who haven’t asked for one) is very worried over the increasing influence of groups who actively promote the right to life for all human beings, the right to freedom of conscience and religion, or the true and natural understanding of family and marriage.

In line with their own perverse ideology, EHF seeks to turn white into black and black into white, making a rather laughable attempt to frame the defenders of human rights as „anti human-rights groups“. Together with their buddies from the European Parliamentary Forum for Population and Development (EPF), a lobby group with a rather misleading name that has been set up to further the interests of the abortion industry, they have compiled “information” about those human rights defenders, and (even though most of what they present as their findings seems quite inaccurate) we are quite flattered to see that they have placed this blog right on top of their freshly updated hate list. What an honourable distinction for a blog that has been started just six months ago!

Presumably, that list has been compiled not by EHF, but by Neil Datta, the Secretary General of EPF who has already in the past produced similar masterpieces of investigative journalism. We have a good piece of advice for him: simply go to our Links list, and you will find a lot of information that might be useful to complete and expand your melodramatic conspiracy theories…