“Gender Strategy” to re-educate Europeans?

IMG_0251_01European Dignity Watch (EDW) reports on a new European strategy for “gender equality”, which was presented at the so-called “Forum on the Future of Gender Equality in the EU”, organized in April by the Commission’s Directorate-General of Justice. The goal of this strategy is to effect a cultural shift through enhanced implementation of “gender mainstreaming” policies in all spheres of life, both public and private. (In other words, adult people are going to be told how to divide housekeeping and childcare tasks… see image!) This policy strategy is based on the “gender theory”, a school of thought  increasingly criticized for its apparent lack of scientific basis – and whose ultimate aim is to abolish the complementary vision of woman and man.

It is hardly to be assumed that this kind of social engineering is what European taxpayers expect from the EU.

Read the full report on EDW’s website.