ONE OF US unmasks Marie Stopes in submission to European Court

one_of_us_logo_02The application by Marie Stopes International (MSI) to be admitted as an intervener in the lawsuit initiated by the organizers of the successful ONE OF US citizens’ initiative to challenge the European Commission’s inadequate response to their petition has provided ONE OF US with a nice occasion to expose in public the true nature of MSI’s activities as well as the organization’s eugenicist ideology.

Here are some excerpts from the pro-lifers’ submission in response to MSI’s application:

In 1976, Dr Tim Black took over Marie Stopes Clinic in London, which was going bankrupt, and transformed it into a money-making “social business”. According to the Times obituary (12 December 2014 available on MSI’s website “His vision was to make family planning services a commodity that could be marketed, bought and sold in the same way as aftershave or lipstick. He believed that such services needed to be unlinked from the medical profession and that people should be treated as customers and not patients.”

marie stopesUntil 1991, the name of the organisation was “Population Services Family Planning Programme Limited”. MSI is present in some 40 countries, the vast majority being developing countries. In 2013, its budget increased by 22%, reaching £ 211,928,000. Among the main donors, UK’s Department for International Development, the US Agency for International Development, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the European Union. The highest-paid employee earns up to £ 300,000, with a slight variation.

MSI provides abortion with a dramatic increase in numbers: 350,000 in 2005, more than 900,000 in 2009, 1.3 in 20103, 2.2 million in 2012. MSI boasts of having provided 3.3 million abortion and post abortion care services in 2014. Abortion and post abortion care are counted together, showing that there is no real difference between them. Various sources affirm that ‘post abortion care’ is a euphemism to provide abortion where it is illegal. It is done through a method called menstrual regulation, or manual vacuum aspiration (MVA): in case of delay of period, the content of the uterus is suctioned out by a syringe without prior pregnancy test. The sole reason why this procedure is not called an abortion is that there is no certainty about the pregnancy that is being terminated. However, there is certainty that if the woman is pregnant, her pregnancy will be terminated – and the procedure has no other purpose than this one. “Menstrual regulation” is therefore a “conditional abortion”; carrying out such a procedure in a country where abortion is illegal is at best a circumvention of the law, at worst a crime. The cannulae used for MVA are reusable, which results in very low per-procedure cost, but plastic is notoriously hard to sterilize therefore the risk of transmitting AIDS is high.


MSI receives funding from the European Union: £ 707,000 in 2010, £ 2,068,000 in 2011 (according to MSI financial Statement 2011 (p. 21), £ 2,045,000 in 2012, £673,000 in 2013, according to MSI financial Statement 2013.

The submission also contains some excerpts from Marie Stopes’ writings, clearly exposing the eugenicist ideology underpinning the activities of the organization that chose to use her name:

Society allows the diseased, the racially negligent, the thriftless, the careless, the feeble-minded, the very lowest and worst members of the community, to produce tens of thousands of warped, and inferior infants. If they live, a large proportion of these are doomed from their very physical inheritance to be at the best but partly selfsupporting, and thus to drain resources of those classes above them who have a sense of responsibility. The better classes, freed from the cost of the institutions, hospitals, prisons, and so on, principally filled by the inferior stock would be able to afford to enlarge their own families, and at the same time not only to save misery but to multiply a hundredfold the contribution in human life-value to the riches of the State.”

The power of parenthood ought no longer to be exercised by all, however inferior, as an ‘individual right’. It is profoundly a duty and a privilege, and it is essentially the concern of the whole community to encourage in every way the parenthood of those whose circumstances and condition is such that there is a reasonable anticipation that they will give rise to healthy, well-endowed future citizens. It should be the policy of the community to discourage from parenthood all whose circumstances are such as would make probable the introduction of weakened, diseased, or debased future citizens. It is the urgent duty of the community to make parenthood impossible for those whose mental and physical condition is such that there is well-nigh a certainty that their offspring must be physically and mentally tainted, if not utterly permeated by disease.

“It is my prayer that I may present such a racial ideal, not only to my own people but to humanity. It is my prayer that I may live to see in the generation of my grandchildren a humanity from which almost all the most blackening and distressing elements have been eliminated.”

The submission also mentions that Marie Stopes was so enraged about her son’s marriage with a short-sighted woman – a terrible genetic weakness in her view! – that she cut him out of her will in favour of the Eugenics Society. She also is known to have sent poems to Hitler. Her books Wise Parenthood, Married Love and Radiant Motherhood are recommended readings for neo-nazis

With all this in mind, ONE OF US concludes that the acceptance of MSI’s intervention in this lawsuit would provide “a valuable opportunity to expose publicly, in the Court’s presence, MSI’s eugenic ideology and practices”. However, for reasons that are also exposed in the submission, the application is so manifestly ill-founded that (perhaps to ONE OF US’ regret) the Court will have to reject it.