COFACE is the fig-leaf on the European Commission’s family policy

421848-statue_with_a_fig_leafAmong the “non-governmental” organizations that receive lavish funding from the European Commission, there is COFACE, the “Confederation of Family Organizations in the EU”, which supposedly represents the interests of families. But do they really?

Taking a look into their latest Newsletter, it becomes quite clear that, having completely absorbed the ideology of those seeking to undermine marriage and family, COFACE has lost track of what a family is. As it appears, it defines a “same-sex couple with a child” as an “LGBTI family”, and urges that such “LGBTI families” should enjoy “freedom of movement”.

In other words, COFACE is simply reproducing the propaganda that it has picked up at an event hosted by the European Parliament’s in-house gay lobby.

But this propaganda is misleading on two accounts:

First, every child has a mother and a father. A same-sex couple cannot be parents of a child. If a same-sex couple “has a child”, then (at least) one of the two partners is not a parent of the child. This is a strange form of “family”, from which one of the natural parents is shut out.

Second, the free movement of persons is accorded to everyone in the EU, provided he has a job and a working permit. This principle is extended to families in the true sense of the word, i.e. different-sex couples that have, or are willing to have, children. The misleading notion of “LGBTI families” would in effect mean that the principle is further extended, so as to allow any immigrant to bring along a second immigrant, irrespective of whether there is a real family or not. The only pre-condition would be that the second immigrant has, or pretends to have, homosexual intercourse with the first. The whole idea serves the purpose of imposing the absurd notion of “LGBTI families” on countries that so far do not recognize them.

Currently, 8 EU Member States have constitutional laws that define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Marriage is defined accordingly. Two more Member States have so far successfully resisted pressures to introduce “civil partnerships” (or similar) for same-sex couples.
The distorted view of “family” that COFACE is promoting is therefore far from being generally accepted.

In 2014 COFACE received subsidies in the amount of 461 342 € under the European Commission’s “PROGRESS” programme.

It is highest time for a reflection at European level on the true and natural meaning of “family”.