The queerest legislature in the world

westminster-image-1-jpgAccording to newspaper reports, 32 out of the 650 Members in the newly elected UK Parliament identify themselves as gay or lesbian. With 5% of all lawmakers, this would make Westminster the queerest Parliament in the world, as the Guardian writes. (In addition, there may still be some closeted homosexuals who are not shameless enough to boast of their sex-lives…)

The most sexually “diverse” of all parliamentary groups are the feft-wing and nationalist  Scottish National Party with 7 out of 56 MPs, which amounts to 12.5%.

Are sodomites and lesbians overrepresented in the UK’s legislature? Or does the UK’s population comprise an unusually high proportion of sexually disordered persons?

Probably both is true. Contrary to what gay propaganda claims, the number of homosexuals will increase where “liberal” legislation and misguided “sexual education” curricula facilitate the recruitment of adolescents for the homosexual lifestyle. At the same time, politics is an activity that is highly attractive for narcissistic personalities, a character treat often found in homosexuals.

In any case, with this proportion of homosexuals in politics, the growing persecution of dissidents in the UK should perhaps not surprise us.