Frans Timmermans, do you really think it is YOUR task to re-define marriage and family all over Europe???

1548fad0091674cdedfc3ed366b3c27e-800xThere are currently a lot of problems in the EU that citizens want to see solved. But the non-availability of counter-natural “marriages” between persons of the same sex is not among them.

However, the vice-president of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, wants same-sex marriage recognised throughout all member states.

“The Commission should go forward and try to get all member states in the EU to unreservedly accept same-sex marriage as other marriages”, he said at a gala organised last week in Brussels by ILGA-Europe, a fake “non-governmental organization” that is financed nearly to its entirety by the European Commission. Continue reading “Frans Timmermans, do you really think it is YOUR task to re-define marriage and family all over Europe???”


The FEMM Committee’s newest output: “Empowering girls through education”

Really, we are wondering at times whether it is worthwhile for us to continue opposing and criticising the European Parliament’s FEMM Committee for its countless (but fortulately non-binding) “initiative reports” with grotesque content. Maybe we should just let these bizarre texts stand and speak for themselves? Who is going to take them seriously?

The committee’s latest project is a text penned by MEP Liliana Rodrigues, a Socialist from Portugal (like the ominous Edite Estrela), dealing with the “empowerment of girls through education”. Continue reading “The FEMM Committee’s newest output: “Empowering girls through education””

Feminist Activism: the bigot at the origin of a man-hunt

29F6B08900000578-0-image-m-3_1435358374905In the last weeks there have been news all over the internet about Sir Tim Hunt, a Nobel Prize-winning biologist, having been dismissed from all his functions over allegedly “sexist” remarks on female scientists he had made while giving a lecture in South Korea.

It now turns out that not only his remarks were drawn out of context, but that the person having unleashed this ugly campaign is herself a rather problematic figure whose truthfulness seems very doubtful. Read the full story at the Daily Mail.

US Supreme Court: the homo-lobby’s triumph is democracy’s defeat

afp-a1353c803e109b645bb48d75dd460e44f776e5a2In the case of Obergefell v. Hodges the US Supreme Court has interpreted the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution as meaning that all 50 States must recognise and licence same-sex “marriages”.

The decision was by a majority of 5 – 4, the smallest possible margin. This is very unfortunate for a decision with implications that reach wide beyond the issue of homo-“marriage” itself. Continue reading “US Supreme Court: the homo-lobby’s triumph is democracy’s defeat”

Poland to legalize in-vitro fertilization?

ivfPoland’s parliament has passed a bill that, if adopted, would set out the conditions for offering in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. This is a key issue on which the government led by Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz wants to deliver in order to attract liberal voters before elections in October.

IVF treatment has been available in Poland for 25 years, but in a legal grey zone. So far the country has not passed any legislation regulating it, remaining the only European Union member not to have done so. Continue reading “Poland to legalize in-vitro fertilization?”

Homo-“marriages”: resistance is a right and a DUTY

VaticanCityHow should we react to the US Supreme Court’s judicial putsch of last week, which makes homo-“marriages” a constitutional “right”, or to the Irish referendum that, albeit less of a putsch, produces the same effect?

Not all of our readers are Christians, and not all among those who are Christians are Catholics. Nonetheless, the following document, bublished by the Catholic Church’s Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith contains some considerations that, being based not only on religious beliefs but on sound reason, surely will be of interest to all.  Continue reading “Homo-“marriages”: resistance is a right and a DUTY”

BREAKING: The Supreme Court of the US imposes same-sex “marriage” nation-wide

In a decision that future generations will look upon as one of the most terrible aberrations of judicial authority in the world’s history, the US Supreme Court has today – in clear contradiction to human nature, natural law, and the US Constitution – decided that all 50 US States must allow same-sex couples into a legal relationship that is called “marriage”. Continue reading “BREAKING: The Supreme Court of the US imposes same-sex “marriage” nation-wide”