3 June is Charles-Lwanga-Day

Uganda Martyr Charles Lwanga by LonnemanCharles Lwanga (Luganda: Karoli Lwanga) (1860 or 1865 – June 3, 1886) was a Ugandan convert to the Catholic Church, who was martyred for his faith and is revered as a saint by both the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion.

Charles and 21 of his companions were burned alive under the reign of King Mwanga II. for refusing to renounce their Christian faith, and because they had refused to participate in homosexual acts with the King.

At a time when European countries legislate to create same-sex “marriages” and start persecuting those who refuse to accept sodomy as a morally acceptable form of sexual activity, it is good to remember a martyr saint who was ready to die as a witness for the moral truth…