Online petition and Twitter campaign against the controversial Noichl Report

european_parliament_001Please note the following Twitter campaign taking place on June 8 and 9 to defeat the EP FEMM Committee’s absurd Noichl Report :              



In this controversial (but, fortunately, legally non-binding) report:

  • 48% of paragraphs are in direct contradiction to the EU Principle of Subsidiarity
  • 35% of paragraphs are “off topic” with regard to the stated subject matter of the report: Strategy on Equality between men and women post 2015.
  • 42% of paragraphs promote the overt discrimination against men, – absurdly in a report on equality.
  • 17% of paragraphs entail serious risks of restrictions on freedom of speech of the media, freedom of education and freedom in the context of contractual agreements.
  • 7 recitals (from S to X) contain unproven pseudo-scientific assertions as well as false allegations.

In addition to the Twitter Campaign, there is also an online-petition on Citizen GO (currently available only in French and Spanish, but other language versions will be added). Sign this petition and show MEPs how far the report is out of keeping with the real expectations of citizens.