Romania: Socialist-led Government rejects “civil unions” bill

While Socialists all over Europe appear united in their hatred against the natural concept of marriage and family, the Socialist-led Government of Romania apparently does not dare to support a policy of which it knows that it would be clearly against the moral convictions of the country’s population.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta issued a negative opinion on a draft bill to introduce sex-neutral „civil unions” in Romania.
Arguments focused on the recently (5 yrs ago) adopted new Civil Code which limits recognition only to marriage as the foundation of family.
This decision of the Government comes somewhat late, given that the Chamber of Deputies seems already set to reject the bill, which was rejected (with 0-14 votes) by its Juridical Committee. In any case, just one week after the ominous referendum in Ireland it is good to see that a Europe-wide shift towards the providing of status and legal recognition to counter-natural sexual relationships is neither a natural law, nor unstoppable.