Vietnam: woman has 18 abortions until at last she is pregnant with a boy has this truly unbelievable story about a woman who has aborted 18 girls until at last she was pregnant with a boy. Although gendercide is most prevalent in rural zones of Asia, where there is a strong social pressure on women to give birth to male heirs, it is a problem everywhere in the world, including in Europe. Most abnormously, in Sweden the  courts have explicitly ruled that women have the “right” to use abortion as a means of selecting the sex of their children.

The Noichl Report, which will today be voted in the European Parliament, calls in its § 68 for the “elimination of gendercide”. But this is pure hypocrisy, given that at the same time the (non-binding) report calls for the sweeping legalization of abortion on demand.

One cannot have it either way. Legalizing abortion “on demand” means to legalize abortion irrespective of the motive. In other words, MEPs raising their hands for the Noichl Report vote in favour of sex-selective abortion in Europe and worldwide. The only effective means to eliminate gendercide is to prohibit abortion, and to effectively enforce such a ban.