Vincent Lambert, Terry Schiavo: is being starved a “death in dignity”??? we have already pointed out in a previous post, the ECtHR, through its horrible judgement in the case of Lambert and others v. France, has opened the doors widely for euthanasia. It has built its decision inter alia on Vincent Lambert’s right to self-determination, and on flimsy assertions that some time before his accident he had said that he would rather die than be forced to live with a handicap. Sufficient reason for the ECtHR (which in all modesty thinks of itself as “the Conscience of Europe…) to have no objection against him being starved to death.

It has all happened before. Many will remember the case of Terry Schiavo, an American woman who had fallen into a coma and, therefore suffered the same death in 2005 that is now, thanks to the ECtHR, awaiting Vincent Lambert. For a detailed description, read here…

Obviously, for the ECtHR this is just a further step in the full implementation of its agenda. The obvious next step is to say that being starved to death is too cruel, so France (and other countries) must provide for a “death in dignity” through lethal injection or other more expedient means.

Make no mistake: the ECtHR’s agenda is set, and it comprises the crafting of a “right to euthanasia”.