International baby-slaughterers’ syndicate is eager to appear in court

In the on-going lawsuit of ONE OF US v. the European Commission, the General Court of the EU has received an application by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) to be granted permission to intervene as a third party in support of the Commission. This application has been filed by the law firm White & Case, which already has submitted a similar request from Marie Stopes International (MSI) on which we have already reported in previous posts (see here and here).

So, “big abortion” stands united with the Commission against ONE OF US, defending the European Commission’s self-given right to use taxpayers’ money for the funding of abortions in developing countries without being disturbed by unwelcome manifestations of citizens’ dissent.

IPPF’s intervention uses more or less the same arguments that are already found in MSI’s application, except that it does not repeat MSI’s somewhat grotesque claim to be a potential future organizer of a European Citizens’ Initiative with the (quite paradoxical) interest of ensuring that the ECI remains as ineffective and meaningless as the European Commission wants to have it. Messers. White & Case, it seems, have understood that with their application on behalf of MSI they have exposed themselves to ridicule, and therefore decided not to use this flawed argument for a second time.

The baby-killers’ eagerness to appear in Court is quite surprising, given that this intervention, if granted, would offer the occasion for their abortion-related business practices to be discussed before the Court. ONE OF US’ reply to the MSI application already provides some interesting information in this regard – and there might be more.

Be that as it may, for the reason that one can already read in that reply, it seems very improbable that IPPF can be admitted as a third party.

The IPPF application is nonetheless interesting because it confirms that IPPF indeed provides abortions, and that indeed it does this in the context of programmes for which it receives funding from the European Commission. As one can read in § 15 of the submission: “The total amount of EU funds that IPPF has received thus far under various EU instruments is around EUR 12.6 million.” It is not clear whether that sum already comprises the EUR 2.3 million that IPPF has recently received under an “Institutional Building and Partnership Programme”.

EU taxpayers’ money is one of its biggest sources of income, and the the abortion industry is not willing to let it go…


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