16yo girl sues school for not being admitted to boys’ restroom

With the help of the notorious American Civil Liberties Union, a Virginia 16-year-old has filed a federal lawsuit against her school district, claiming that she must be allowed to use the boys’ restroom even though she is female.

“Gavin” Grimm, who has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, has been “living as” (i.e., pretending to be) a boy since the around one year ago. In October 2014, Grimm was allowed to use her public high school’s boys restrooms and locker rooms, but – following protests from parents of other pupils – in December the Gloucester County School Board voted to require transgender students to use either restrooms that coordinate with their actual (i.e., biological) sex, or private bathrooms.

“As a result of the School Board’s transgender restroom policy, Gavin is currently the only student in his school who must use separate private restrooms,” the ACLU lawsuit claims. “The distinction stigmatizes Gavin and marks him as different from the other students; it isolates Gavin from his peers; and it exposes him to serious psychological harm. To avoid the stigma of having to use separate restrooms, Gavin has tried to avoid using any restroom during the school day.”

This assertion is, however, manifestly false. “Gavin” is (like all other girls) permitted to use the girls’ restroom, but she refuses to use it.

“I just want to use the restroom in peace,” says Grimm according to an ACLU press release. 

This sounds as if it were not asking too much. But a restroom reserved for her alone is apparently not sufficient for her to “use the restroom in peace”. It must be either the boys’ restroom, or no restroom at all.

One cannot but feel sorry for the deluded young girl who gets so little help in learning to accept who she really is. Instead she is being used for a frivolous lawsuit by ACLU, a group that is notorious for drawing fundamental rights into ridicule. The constitutional “Equal Protection clause” of the 14th Amendment is the same provision that is used in a lawsuit, soon to be decided by the US Supreme Court, through which “gay rights” activists seek to redefine marriage.