European Parliament: new right-wing group confirmed

lepen_wildersStrangely, this important news is not yet on the European Parliament’s website – apparently there is no great eagerness to announce the unwelcome news to the wider public. But there is already an official note from the Parliament’s administration to acknowledge the creation of the new right-wing group called Europe of Nations and Freedoms (ENF).

According to the note, the new group, consisting of 36 members, does not comprise Jobbik from Hungary or NDP from Germany, which were regarded too disreputable even by the standards of Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders. Instead it includes one (ex-UKIP) member from the UK and the sole representative of the Vlaams Belang from Belgium. This means that the defection of any of these two members would lead to the immediate dissolution of the group.

This does not look very stable. How long will this coalition last?