USA: left-wing lobby seeks to deprive homosexuals of their right to health

5869778912_acaf334073_zIt is strange to see how those claiming to promote the “rights” of homosexuals are actually doing all they can to deprive them from one right they really have: the right to health.

In the United States there currently is something like a crusade, both legislative and judicial, against therapists who offer help to persons with unwanted same-sex attractions. It goes without saying that this help is only offered to those who want it. This nonwithstanding, some US states have adopted laws to outlaw any therapeutic attempt that might help in overcoming sexual identity disorders. The Obama administration, as was to be expected, supports this. And a radical leftwing organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is currently using New Jersey’s strong Consumer Protection Act to sue a group called Jews Offering New Alternatives to Healing (JONAH) that refers men and women to psychological counselors working in the field known as “sexual orientation change efforts.” Essentially, SPLC’s claim is that telling homosexuals their same-sex desires could be treated and they could become purely or largely heterosexual is “fraud”. The ultimate purpose is to make therapy unavailable and impossible for gays, so as to keep them enslaved to their counter-natural proclivities.

“Gay rights” activists often argue that homosexuality is not self-chosen. That may be so – but if it is, why should people not have the right to change their “sexual orientation”. There is a strange double standard: those who claim that each man has the right to become a woman and each heterosexual has the right to become gay will adamantly deny to homosexuals the right to become straight again.

Is a therapy against same-sex attraction quackery? Certainly less than any pretension, oftentimes uncritically accepted by politicians and law courts despite an evident lack of credibility, to convert a man into a woman…