Culture of Death rules ok in Belgium: “unasked-for” is more frequent than “asked-for” euthanasia

Manneken_Pis_draculaThe legalization of euthanasia in Belgium has opened the doors for widespread abuse. According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Ethics shows that 1.7 per cent of Belgian deaths are caused by euthanasia without the victim’s request or consent.

Even Jean-Louis Vincent, a former president of the Belgian Society of Intensive Care Medicine and staunch supporter of “mercy killing”, admits that “euthanasie non demandée” (“euthanasia not asked for”) exceeds considerably the few thousand cases of “euthanasie demandée” (“euthanasia asked for”) that are registered in Belgium annually … and calls for the legalization of that practice, including in cases “where the patient suffers no discomfort”.