Rome: 1 million citizens in peaceful protest against government plans to re-define marriage and family

In Rome the 20th of June is not “Christopher Street Day”, but “Family Day”. Around 1 million citizens have followed the invitation of pro-family and pro-marriage organizations to come to Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano and protest against government plans to introduce same-sex “civil partnerships”, child-abusing “sexual education programmes”, etc. This is a very clear message that the left-wing government’s sinister attempt to re-organize society on the basis of homo-and-gender-ideology will meet strong resistance from real parents with real families.

_CG18415_46658648.jpgIt is very interesting to see the key words used to explain the concept of marriage and family: nature and diversity. The diversity of man and woman is something good, not something we need to fight against. In their complementarity a man and a woman can do what two men or two women cannot do: they can be parents. The marriage between a man and a woman corresponds to nature, whereas the “marriage” of two persons of the same sex will always be and remain a legal artifice.gender400_CG18373_46658646.jpg

It is all very simple, and one must really be blindfolded by ideology in order to think otherwise…

A full account (in Italian) can be read here.