“People should be allowed to make mistakes – therefore let’s make same-sex ‘marriage’ legal”

How serious-minded are politicians when they call for the legalization of same-sex “marriage”? Not very, it seems.

This Sunday the Austrian capital Vienna witnessed the so-called “Rainbow Parade”, an event lavishly subsidized by the city government in which a few hundred sexually disordered persons walk around half-naked, exhibiting themselves and their unusual sexual behaviour to a voyeurist crowd. Speaking on that occasion, the city’s Vice Mayor, Maria Vassilakou, called for the adoption of a law that would make same-sex “marriages” possible in Austria.

And what were here arguments in favour of that fashionable idea? According to a newspaper report, she said:

“When people fall in love, it may occur that they want to make a mistake: they want to marry. And I’m in favour of allowing everyone to make that mistake”.

Was she trying to be witty? Obviously, she doesn’t know (or pretends not to know) what marriage is and which purposes its serves – to her, it is just “a mistake that everybody should be allowed to make”.

Yes, it would certainly be a mistake to let people marry who, from the outset, have this improper understanding of marriage. With moronic jokes like this, Mrs. Vassilakou simply proves that she should not be listened to when serious issues are to be debated.

Her statement seems rather half-witty to us. But it certainly reveals a troubling attitude: this half-witty woman has no respect at all for the institution of marriage – and that is precisely why she wants to demean it. This confirms what we have written before: most of the politicians promoting same-sex “marriage” do this not because they want to help LGBT people, but because they want to demean and destroy the fundamental institutions of society, marriage and family. Their motivation is the hatred of society as it exists now – and “LGBT persons” are only their useful idiots.