Germany: Gender-Ideology polarizes society

gegner-des-gruen-rotenLast Sunday’s manifestation in Stuttgart against the Baden-Württemberg government’s plans to introduce compulsory “sexual education” programmes based on radical “gender” ideology has had a great impact in the German Press. There is increasing awareness that these plans are based on hopelessly un-scientific assumptions, and that those promoting them are acting in an aggressively intolerant way. As the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes, the success of the “Greens” in recent elections was due to the fact that their leader, Wilfried Kretschmann, had adopted the outward appearance of a moderate conservative who wanted to promote the region’s economy, hiding his more radical leanings in a closet. With its reckless attempt to indoctrinate school children with their gender ideology, the Baden-Württemberg government is now undermining this appearance of acceptability, and people begin seeing the its sex ed proposal in a different context, recalling that not so long ago the Greens were indeed calling for the legalization of sexual relations between adults and children…

For those reading German, here are links to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Die Welt.