The FEMM Committee’s newest output: “Empowering girls through education”

Really, we are wondering at times whether it is worthwhile for us to continue opposing and criticising the European Parliament’s FEMM Committee for its countless (but fortulately non-binding) “initiative reports” with grotesque content. Maybe we should just let these bizarre texts stand and speak for themselves? Who is going to take them seriously?

The committee’s latest project is a text penned by MEP Liliana Rodrigues, a Socialist from Portugal (like the ominous Edite Estrela), dealing with the “empowerment of girls through education”.

This bizarre draft begins with the assertion that “the concept of gender is a social construct”, and then goes on to “call on the Commission and the Member States to implement measures to apply gender equality at all levels of the education system …”

Ok, supposing that “gender” is a “social construct”, does it  then not by necessity follow that “gender equality”  must also be a “social construct”?  And if that is so, why should that “social construct” be applied throughout the education system, which has the purpose of transmitting knowledge rather than “social constructs”?

Just asking…