Commission Vice President vows to impose homo-“marriage” on EU Member States “whether they want it or not”

In an event hosted by the weekly magazine Politico, Commmission Vice-President Frans Timmermans has vowed to start a campaign to put legislation in place at EU level to ensure that the wannabe “marriages” of same-sex couples whose relationships have been recognized by a member state are recognized across the Union:

“I am now going to personally take this up and push it forward,” he said. “Even if you don’t want to have same-sex marriage in your country, at least have the decency to accept that other countries do have it and recognize that marriage when people move to your country who are married.”

Sorry Mr. Vice-President, but maybe it has escaped your attention that several EU Member States have in the past years adopted constitutional laws to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, precisely to defend themselves against this kind of (sub)cultural imperialism. Before you lecture others about “decency”, please be aware that Dutch opinions on sexual mores are not shared in most countries of the world.

The free movement of persons, one of the EU’s foundational principles, has so far never been interpreted as meaning that some Member States may impose their marriage laws, in particular “marriages” between persons  of the same sex, on other Member States. An internal consultation with the Commission’s Legal Service might help Mr. Timmermans to get back to reality.

As we must presume, the Vice-President’s wish to promote a controversial homo-agenda is the most plausible explanation for the Commission’s pre-selection of candidates for the post of Director of the FRA.