Homo-“marriage”: when arguments do not convince, a hunger strike might do the trick…

tumblr_inline_n4n6ymFf001qzdx6fIn Italy the political discussion on the possible legal recognition of same-sex civil partnerships, or “marriages”, is reaching new levels of childishness. Seeing that the idea does not find a majority in Parliament, Ivan Scalfarotto – an openly gay politician who as an “Under-Secretary for Reform” is a member of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s centre-left government – has announced a hunger-strike.

This is the newest method to shut out rationality from the political debate. Imagine this to become a generally used strategy in politics: “do what I want or else I will hurt myself…”

The issue that makes even many politicians within the government majority hesitate to support Scalfarotto’s bill allegedly is not the notion of same-sex civil partnership as such, but that it would give same-sex couples the “right” to have children, be it through adoption or surrogacy.