Norway: government proposes bill that would let children change their sex at age 7

NorwayFully consistent with the bizarre theory that children at young age could already identify as “homosexual”, the Norwegian government appears to think they might also identify as “transgender”. Therefore, it has drafted a legislative bill that, if adopted, would allow children as young as seven to change their sex on legal documents. Fortunately the act of changing one’s “legal gender” will not require as a pre-condition the physical mutilation of the body through surgery, so the decision can be reversed at any time…

The bill was drafted by Norway’s Minister of Health, Bent Høie. This image shows him with his same-sex “husband”, advertising exec Dag Terje Solvang

It is highly unlikely that any child aged 7 will ever identify itself as belonging to the opposite sex, except if it is manipulated by the adults surrounding it. This kind of manipulation is one of the risks encountered by children growing up under the custody of homosexual “parents”, or being taught by homosexual school teachers.

What underpins the proposed bill is the absurd idea that a person’s sex is a matter of subjective choice or preference rather than a biological fact. However, the biological reality will remain in place irrespective of what the law says.