Africa bravely fights back against UN and US pressure to accept homo-agenda

Western support for the homo-agenda is irredeemably undermining the West’s credibility as a beacon of human rights.

C-Fam reports that Nigeria has publicly chastised the UN human rights office for its attempts to  to impose same sex marriage and outlaw commonly-held views on homosexuality. The sharp rebuke accused the UN officials of infringing on the right to democracy, religious freedom, and cultural standards that strengthen families.

The statement, delivered last week in Geneva, came in response to a report released last month by the UN human rights office. The report on discrimination and violence against individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity criticizes laws protecting children from homo-propaganda and condemns therapies that may help people overcome unwanted homosexual attractions. Furthermore the report claims that expressing critical thoughts on sodomy “contributes to violence”, and tells countries they should legally recognize same-sex relationships as “marriages”.

Despite  (or because of?) such pressures, Nigeria strengthened its law on marriage in 2014, clarifying that marriage is between a man and a woman. This is significant because Nigeria is the African country with the biggest population.

At the same time, LifesiteNews reports that Kenyan National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi and four other MPs have warned U.S. President Barack Obama against promoting homosexual “rights” in his visit to the country this month, saying that advocacy of same-sex “marriage” is “a form of Western ideological oppression disguised as human rights”. MP Cecily Mbarire said the government is ready to reject foreign aid if it was tied to acceptance of same-sex “marriage.”