File management at the ECtHR – a Russian NGO complains…

parfentievGiven all the other enormous flaws in the ECtHR’s recent decision in the case of Oliari and Others v. Italy, this appears to be a minor point – but it is nevertheless worth noting.

In § 6 of the Decision one reads:

“Mr Pavel Parfentev on behalf of seven Russian NGOS (Family and Demography Foundation, For Family Rights, Moscow City Parents Committee, Saint-Petersburg City Parents Committee, Parents Committee of Volgodonsk City, the regional charity “Svetlitsa” Parents’ Culture Centre, and the “Peterburgskie mnogodetki” social organisation), and three Ukrainian NGOS (the Parental Committee of Ukraine, the Orthodox Parental Committee, and the Health Nation social organisation), had also been given leave to intervene by the Vice-President of the Chamber. However, no submissions have been received by the Court.”

Mr. Parfentev, writing on behalf of all the organisations he represents, has now sent a letter to the Court in which he states that while he had indeed asked to be given leave to intervene in this case, he actually never received any communication that such leave had been granted. This was the reason why he did not address any further submission to the Court.

Definitely, the Court’s management of its files seems just as careless as its legal reasoning…