MEPs ask President Martin Schulz to ban Planned Parenthood from EP premises

european_parliament_001In a letter that is reproduced below Members of the European Parliament have requested the Parliament’s President, Martin Schulz, to take action “without unnecessary delay”, and to “withdraw access to EP premises for IPPF and all its employees”. Continue reading


Forensic examination shows: Planned Parenthood baby-selling videos are authentic.

Thomson-ReutersA-sign-is-pictuPlanned Parenthood’s claim that video footage showing evidence of its gruesome practice of selling body parts of aborted children is false has been refuted. Forensic examination has shown that the videos have not been tampered with, and that the Planned Parenthood representatives appearing on them have indeed said what they are shown to have said.  Another disaster for the world’s most successful mass-killing organization. Continue reading

ONE OF US launches an Appeal by European legal and health care experts: European Commission must stop financing unethical activities

one_of_us_logo_02While the lawsuit on the European Commission’s inadequate reply to the most successful European Citizens’ Initiative, ONE OF US, is still pending, the organizers’ committee is evolving into a full-fledged European federation of pro-life organizations, capable of acting and communicating on a continental scale. But the agenda has remained the same.  In order to keep the ball rolling, the group has now launched an appeal by international legal and health care experts, reiterating its request that the European must stop showering taxpayers’ money on activities and programs that include or pre-suppose the destruction of human beings.

This appeal comes timely, given that the European branch of Planned Parenthood, the ill-reputed organization that is currently being investigated in the US for having set up a flourishing trade with body parts of aborted children, appears to enjoy chummy relationships not only with the European Commission, but also with some morally disoriented Members of the European Parliament. Continue reading

European Parliament uses bogus “science” to pressure Ireland on abortion

EPstudyUpon request of the Committee for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM), the European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizen Rights and Constitutional Affairs has issued a series of documents it describes as “in-depth-studies”, dealing with “Gender Equality” in various countries.

According to these “studies”, the most important pre-condition for “gender equality” is the unrestricted legalization of abortion. Abortion is viewed exclusively from the perspective of the woman’s interest. The fact that each abortion costs the life of a child, which from the moment of conception is a separate human being with human rights and dignity, is conveniently passed over in silence.

The study on Gender Equality in Ireland is of particular importance, given that those who have commissioned it intend to use it as a “proof” for their claim that Ireland’s ban of abortion is outdated and must be changed. Continue reading