European Parliament: baby-killer lobby liaises with fake “religious leaders”

In the aftermath of the Planned Parenthood scandal the abortion industry (or rather its proxy inside the European Parliament, a so-called “Working Group on Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS and Development”) is desperately trying to polish its image and regain respectability – quite bizarrely through seeking closeness with “religious leaders in favour of family planning within their communities”.

Religious leaders??? Well, not quite. The event features a rather obscure Islamic leader from Mali, whom nobody has ever heard about, but who has yet to confirm his presence – and a representative of a group called “Catholics for Choice” that has been set up to create an imagery of widespread oppisition of Catholic teaching on sexual mores even among devout Catholic faithful. But in reality even if the group, which often is referred to as “a well-funded letter head” or (with reference to its founder and long-time president) as “Frances Kissling and her faxmachine”, had a membership of more than 10 persons, those persons could hardly claim to be the “leaders” of the 1.7 billion Catholic Church.

Rather bizarre … but then, these rather unknown “leaders” are certainly very suitable interlocutors for Sophie in ‘t Veld and Heidi Hautala, the anti-life lobby’s most active partners inside the European Parliament. The insignificant meet the irrelevant.