European Parliament: Schulz crony to be put in charge of AFET, DROI, SEDE, INTA, DEVE … and Human Rights Actions!

Remember the Schulz power grab from April last year, where he sought to parachute 6 of his Cabinet cronies into key positions as Directors-General or Directors in the EP administration?

There was a bit of a backlash from the Budgetary Control Committee, and in the end he had to settle for ‘just’ 2 Directors General, 2 Directors and 2 Heads of Unit.

But he hasn’t gone away, you know!

Now those two deprived colleagues (Alexander Stutzmann and Monika Strasser) are looking at advancing from their humble Head of Unit status to become Directors; so Schulz will have gotten his way with a little delay of a year or so.

 The attached Vacancy Notice has just been published in the EU Official Journal (applications by 15 September for anybody who has time to waste). The reason for advertising this post ‘outside’ is that the candidate who is due to be offered the job on a plate is way below the official grade required for such posts (AD 14).

The post is a very powerful one indeed – Director of Committees in Parliament’s Directorate General for External Policies. He will be in charge of managing the business of the Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Security and Defence, International Trade, and Development Committees.

So Mr Stutzmann may have had to wait a year (during which time he was Head of Unit for AFET, a post having being vacated by his ‘husband’ who, by a friendly Schulz/Ashton gesture, was moved to the EEAS as Director for Human Rights), but he has been duly rewarded for his patience by an even bigger job than the one that had been lined up for him last year (Director for Democracy Support).  Not only that, one of the three units in that smaller directorate, the Human Rights Actions Unit, is to be moved into the Directorate for Committees, enlarging Mr Stutzmann’s empire further. Mr Schulz must surely love this man very dearly!

And what has become of Ms Strasser? She was forced to languish for a few months as Head of Unit for the Budgets Committee, but by year end had been bumped up to become Head of Protocol. As traditionally that function is awarded an ‘ad personam’ directorship, Ms Strasser will very soon become an EP Director too.

Once this original ‘gang of six’ has been taken care of in the manner Schulz originally planned, now that he is in his second mandate (and striving for a third), expect to see further waves of parachuting before we reach the mid-term of this parliament.