Rodrigues and Ferrara Reports: insane ideologies hold sway at the European Parliament

dequemalFollowing the defeat of the ignominious Estrela Report in December 2014, it might have been hoped that the attempts of radical ideologues among the MEPs to obtain an appearance of legitimacy for their perverse ideologies through so-called “own-initiative reports” would come to an end. Alas, it is not so. This week, the European Parliament will vote on yet another two such radical manifestos: the Ferrara-Report on the Situation of fundamental rights in the EU and the Rodrigues Report entitled “Empowering girls through education in the EU”.

It is unfortunately not possible keep public resistance against these proposals mobilized in a way that would be in any way proportionate to the monstrosities they contain. The simple reason is that the matter that is being dealt with in these documents is in any case far outside the EU’s legislative competences, and the so-called “initiative reports” that the Parliament may adopt at its own initiative will therefore nave unfold any legally bending effect. They will just be archived and, hopefully, forgotten. But to mobilize our fellow citizens against these initiatives we would have to tell them that this mobilization is about something that is really important – and how can we say this, if in fact it is about some extremely verbose documents that will never have any binding effect anyway. Should we not rather ignore those Initiative Reports and instead deal with initiatives that might lead to some real outcomes? Should we not, rather than fighting against those aberrant motions, simply deride them and their authors?

Yet we still feel it our duty to inform our readers about the insanities that some MEPs propose and that, due in particular to a certain lack of vigilance among the not-yet-completely-insane MEPs stand a likely chance of being adopted – even if this time, due to time constraints, we do it rather cursorily.

The Ferrara Report, under the veil of ‘fundamental human rights’, covers a whole range of positions that not only overstep EU competence, but are highly controversial among European citizens:

  • It ‘calls on the Member States, in liaison with the Commission, to recognise the right to access safe and modern contraceptives and sexuality education in schools […] (70)
  • It pushes for ‘access to legal institutions such as cohabitation, registered partnership or marriage (85)’ as part of the ‘fundamental rights of LGBTI people’. (Needless to say that ‘cohabitation’ isn’t a ‘legal institution’, and that ‘marriage’ is commonly understood to be a union of one man and one woman with the purpose of founding a family)
  • It ‘calls on the Member States to be vigilant and firm and to impose penalties on public office holders who insult or stigmatize LGBTI people in a public forum (86)’ – thereby creating special privileges for groups with a morally dubious sexual behaviour that, in addition, has disastrous effects on the health of those engaging in it.
  • It recognises that the denial of a life-saving abortion amounts to a serious breach of fundamental rights (69) ‘ – conveniently ignoring that abortion is never ‘life-saving’, but always life-taking.

The Rodrigues Report, by contrast, pushes for the radical gender ideology, in particular by:

  • urging the inclusion of “LGBTI issues” in school curricula and denouncing “homophobic and transphobic violence at schools” (a red herring, as if these were the only groups of violence worth mentioning…)(31);
  • seeking to dismiss all gender-based differences as “stereotyped” (rather than accepting that the two sexes are biologically different, which can result in different aptitudes and interests (32);
  • unilaterally and depicting women as the victims of “discrimination” that deserves “specific promotion”.

Anyone who has time to spare might sign this petition at CitizenGo to express his disapproval – his protest letter will be sent to all MEPs.