A prisoner of conscience

Kimberly-Davis-Carter-County-Detention-Center-640x480One may have different opinions on whether a public servant must in any case apply the law of the country he or she serves, no matter what that law says. But whatever one thinks about this, one thing is clear: Kim Davis‘ refusal to register same-sex wannabe “marriages” is certainly not more illegal than the recent US Supreme Court Decision that, deliberately misinterpreting the Constitution it pretends to protect, imposes this absurdity on 37 States that have never voted for it (or that, indeed, in their great majority, have voted against).

Kim’s case also reveals the creeping totalitarianism of the homo-ideology. Note that she is not serving a determinate prison term, but has been locked into jail until the day when she publicly recants her deep conviction that a marriage can only be concluded between a man and a woman.

The homo-fascists have no arguments. They have brutish force. And they don’t hesitate to use it “liberally”.

Say no to the perversion of justice. Stand up for the freedom of conscience. Sign this petition.