Slovenia: Constitutional court decision on referendum to abrogate same-sex “marriage” expected shortly

SloveniaOn the website of the Koalicija “Za otroke gre!” (Coalition for the good of the children) one reads that the Constitutional Court’s decision on the admissibility of a referendum against a controversial law allowing same-sex “marriages” is to be expected within the very next days.

Slovenia is an example par excellence of how Europe’s political elites are completely out of sync with the people they pretend to represent. Despite the fact that a clear majority rejected the legal recognition of same-sex “civil partnerships” in a referendum held in 2012, a strong majority in the Parliament first changed the rules in order to make it more different for petitioners to successfully abrogate a law through a referendum – and then adopted a law providing for same-sex “marriages” that goes even beyond what had been rejected in 2012. When a coalition of civil society organizations nevertheless managed to collect, within an extremely narrow deadline, sufficient signatures to request yet another referendum, the Parliament turned this request down saying that same-sex “marriage” was a “human right” that could not be subject to a vote…

If the Constitutional Court decides according to law and reason, the referendum will be held. Otherwise the introduction of same-sex “marriage” will at the same time mark the end of the rule of law and of democracy. Just as in the USA.