Frans Timmermans fails to find a valid legal basis for his homo-activism

1548fad0091674cdedfc3ed366b3c27eWhen challenged to indicate a legal basis for his recent announcement that he will pressure Member States to legally recognize same-sex “marriages” concluded elsewhere, Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans answers evasively. Very evasively. In fact, not at all.

A written question by MEP Branislav Škripek on that subject, explicitly referring to Timmermans’ controversial statement at a gala dinner hosted by the homo-lobby ILGA-Europe (btw, a nice way of thanking the Commissioner for the fact that the Commission is financing 70% of ILGA’s operative budget!), was – very unusually – not answered by Timmermans himself, but by Commissioner Věra Jourová.

But Mrs. Jourová failed to give an answer on which legal basis Mr. Timmermans wants to build his initiative to make homo-“marriage” compulsory for all Member States. Her reference to the “values” enshrined in Article 2 of the TEU is misguided, given that those values include neither sodomy nor homo-“marriage”. Besides this, Article 2 TEU is in itself not a sufficient legal basis for any legislative or political initiative.

Mr. Škripek might try to inquire further, but we predict him that he will continue being kept in the dark…