Arte TV is pro-homo, anti-family

I vaguely remember that sometime earlier this year we had received an e-mail from Arte TV, requesting us to grant them an interview. Of course we couldn’t be bothered. Why would we spend our time with some lefty agitprops who predictably would only try to frame us as “homophobes” – the hate-word coined by the homo-lobby for all those who do not readily submit to their agenda?

Arte already has a proven track record for hating and name-calling alleged “homophobes”, “conservatives” or (probably the worst for them) “religious believers”. Just watch this interview with Anton Chromik, the spokesperson of the Slovak Alliance for Family, the group that successfully pushed for the constitutional protection of marriage and family in Slovakia. First question: You are a Catholic, aren’t you? Second question:  You are homophobe, aren’t you? In this interview it is not even necessary to listen to the questions and the answers – just switch off the tone and  look at the sneer in the interviewer’s face while Mr. Chromik is speaking. It suffices to see this, and you will understand that this is not journalism in search of the truth, but an attempt to expose and discredit somebody whose opinions Arte TV doesn’t approve.

Unfortunately, writing this blog is keeping us so busy that we rarely have time left to waste with watching TV. That’s why at the time we didn’t care to find out what became of the reportage for which Arte wanted to interview us. It is only now (and in the context of an internet search for something else) that I have come across this video:

So the attack is directed mainly against CitizenGO, a website that gives normal citizens the possibility to articulate their dissent with the pensée unique that enlightened media outlets such as  Arte TV (and other state-owned TV chains) seek to impose on them. Clearly, such cheeky independence of mind cannot be accepted. So let’s frame them as …. homophobe.

We see with some amusement that the point of departure for this little filmlet is a petition that we, the makers of this blog, launched on CitizenGO last January. It called for a response to the “small scale terrorism of the homo-lobby”.

The background for the petition was an incident in which two women engaging in sexually explicit behaviour in a café in Vienna were requested by the owner to leave the premises. Not exactly a “homophobic” incident, because this type of indecency, if committed by a man and a woman, would not have been tolerated either. But the two women reacted as homo-campaigners always do: they postured as victims of a homophobic incident. And for two weeks the mass media (lead by the State-owned chain ORF, which, being State-owned and totally politicised, is exempt of all constraints of journalistic ethos) reported on the matter as if the end of the world was imminent: homophobia!!! How horrible!!!!

ArteTV thus artfully (that’s where their name comes from, right?) inverses the roles of bullies and victims. The owner of the café had not violated anyone’s rights. In fact he had just exercised a right  all owners of all public houses enjoy world-wide: la direction se resérve le droit d’entrée. Nonetheless, with the support of ORF and other media a demonstration with around 2.000 participants was organised, some of whom vandalized the café.

This is nothing else but small-scale terrorism. The purpose is clear. It consists in sending a message not only to the owner of the café at question, but to everyone: you dare oppose our homo-agenda, we come and lynch you. We are fashionable, we have the support of the mass-media, so you better shut up.

But there is a growing fatigue of Arte’s pensée unique, and people are no longer willing to shut up. No wonder that the makers of the video are worried: CitizenGO mobilized 50.000 citizens to protest against the European Parliament’s Estrela Report in 2013, and in 2014 more than 200.000 against the Lunacek-Report, a motion calling for the adoption of an “LGBT-Roadmap” to mainstream the homo-agenda into the EU’s policies. While the Estrela-Report was narrowly rejected, the EP did adopt the Lunacek Report despite its having attracted unprecedented protest from citizens who otherwise have hardly any clue of, and absolutely no interest in, what the EP is doing. The Commission, however, has so far wisely abstained from any attempts of putting Mrs. Lunacek’s roadmap into practice.

Arte’s video claims that allegations by CitizenGO that  Mrs. Lunacek is a supporter of the legalization of pedophilia was ill-founded. Those allegations probably refer to the Estrela-Report, which in its original version referenced a document on “sexual education” that promoted masturbation as a normal and desirable activity for toddlers aged 0-4. Mrs. Lunacek was one of the most active supporters of the Estrela-Report – both of  revised version (from which, for purely tactical reasons, the reference to the child-masturbation-document had been removed) and the original version (in which it was contained). So it is definitely not wrong to say that Mrs. Lunacek actively supported the legalization of pedophile actions. Indeed, the “sexual education” she was promoting would not only “legalize” such act, but make them compulsory.

The general claim made by ArteTV is that it is somehow unfair to link the homo-lobby with pedophilia. But those links do exist, and they are too evident to be seriously denied. It is an uncontested fact that those militating for the legalization of sodomy not so very long ago also militated for the legalization of all and every form of sexual activity, including between adults and (consenting?) children. Prominent examples include Daniel Cohn-Bendit (a former MEP and leader of the “Green” group in the EP, of which also Mrs. Lunacek is a member), Volker Beck (a German politician who in the early 1990 openly advocated the legalization of sex with children … and for many years served as the Green Party’s spokesperson for human rights issues(!!)), or Gerold Becker (the celebrated “reform pedagogue” who not only practised an openly homosexual lifestyle, but later was shown to have sexually abused more than 80 pupils of the boarding school of which he was the Head Master). Not all homosexuals are pedophile, but nearly all pedophiles are homosexual.

If ArteTV’s objective is to silence, or expose to ridicule, the opponents of their fashionable homo-ideology, we can calmly observe that this objective has not been reached. The opposition is growing, and it is becoming more forceful.