European Parliament: Quaestors find abortion “shocking”, not suitable for display

When it comes to abortion, the left wing parties (and their minions in the EP’s administration) can be quite squeamish. Here is an extract from the protocol of a meeting of the EP’s quaestors, showing how a photo exhibition exposing the reality of abortion has been prevented from taking place because the images were found to be “shocking” and “provocative”:

8.3. Request for a photographic exhibition

The Quaestors,

– heard Ms BEARDER, Quaestor responsible for events and exhibitions, inform that she had received a request from a Member, for a photographic exhibition on Parliament’s premises in Brussels, on the subject of abortion, by an organisation named “Choose Life”; remark that, whilst she was not objecting to the subject matter as such, the pictures to be displayed may be easily described as shocking and provocative in nature and might cause offence and disturbances at the exhibition area; propose therefore that, in line with the relevant Rules, and in particular with Art. 2, paragraph 3 thereof, the College of Quaestors decline authorisation for this exhibition to take place;

– heard Ms MORIN-CHARTIER, Ms BEARDER and Mr KOVATCHEV, Quaestors, and Mr LIBERADZKI, Chair-in-Office, agree that the subject matter was not an issue, but the proposed images were quite shocking and provocative;

– heard Mr KARSKI, Quaestor, express his support for the exhibition in question and propose to authorise it, stressing that the pictures were showing only true and real images;

– heard Mr LIBERADZKI, Chair-in-Office, stress that he was not supportive of the form chosen by this organisation to address the very controversial issue of abortion; take note of the other Quaestors’ reluctance to accept Mr KARSKI’s proposal;

– decided, by majority, with Mr KARSKI, Quaestor, voting in favour of the exhibition, to withhold authorisation for the aforementioned exhibition, in line with the proposal of the Quaestor responsible, and pursuant to Art. 2, paragraph 3 of the relevant rules.

Needless to say that the same political groups that have appointed these quaestors  (namely S&D, ALDE, GUE, and Greens) are routinely demanding not only that doctors and nurses be confronted by them, but indeed that they all must be obliged to participate in abortions, without any right to conscientious objection.

Also needless to say that the Quaestors of the EP have, to our knowledge, never raised any objection against images depicting the victims of famines, war crimes, Nazi death camps, or diseases, or of photo exhibitions that provocatively glorify sodomy.